Go faster
with less fuel.

XGIT-Prop provides the ultimate protection for your marine propeller. Developed for use through multiple seasons, XGIT-Prop keeps your propeller protected against marine growth so you can maximize the performance of your watercraft.

Trusted Protection

GIT is leveraging our success from larger vessels and introducing a multi-season propeller protection system for yachting and recreational boaters.

XGIT-Prop is a high performance, biocide-free hard foul release propeller coating system trusted across the global commercial maritime transportation industry.

Save Fuel

XGIT-Prop creates an ultra-low friction surface on the propeller surface that helps reduce fuel consumption.


XGIT-Prop is a durable coating solution that protects your propeller for several seasons of fun.


XGIT-Prop manages marine growth without using harmful toxins found in traditional antifouling coatings.

Easy Application

The process to apply XGIT-Prop is simple and straightforward for both owner-operators and professional marine service companies.

Keep your yacht running at peak performance.

Easy to Apply

With an user-friendly application process, XGIT-Prop is a preferred coating solution for both professional and recreational boaters.

  1. Using sandpaper, create a 2-3 mil roughness profile on the surface of your propeller. This gives XGIT-Prop a stronger surface for adhesion.
  2. Wash away debris and any excess oils with a light acid wash. Leave to dry.
  3. Spray or brush on XGIT-Prop.
  4. Allow 72 hours at 21°C before refloating, longer refloat times are expected for lower temperatures.

Unliked traditional propeller coatings, XGIT-Prop only requires its accompanying chromate-free propeller primer.

Typical propeller paints use harmful toxins like chromates and biocides to be effective at managing marine growth. XGIT-Prop is the safest alternative that was developed with sustainability in mind.

XGIT-Prop is easily applied by airless spray or brush. With a leading solids content, XGIT-Prop protects your important asset for multiple seasons.