EEXI – Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

Reduce emissions. Boost fuel savings.

EEXI is a new IMO regulation that aims to reduce CO2 emissions of existing vessels by setting minimum requirements for technical efficiency. EEXI comes into force on January 1, 2023. Any vessels over 400Gt failing to meet the requirements between this date and December 31, 2023 risk being fined and penalized.

GIT offers a full range of EEXI compliance solutions for seafaring vessels. As a trusted partner in unlocking peak vessel efficiency, our innovative marine coatings will help save you time and money as you race towards reaching EEXI compliance.

Speed up decarbonization.

The easiest way to boost your energy efficiency index is to reduce engine power, as vessels’ fuel consumption and emissions, respectively, increase as speed increases. Few shipping lines have the luxury of slow steaming, however, as demand for marine transportation reaches all-time highs. XGIT-Fuel represents a unique tool for ship operators, as our coating allows vessels to maintain traditional speeds while reducing fuel consumption and GHG emissions.

In combination with our innovative low-friction surface, XGIT‘s hard foul release technologies allow our coatings to effectively self-clean and reduce drag caused from biofouling. Verified by Lloyd’s Register, vessel operators are seeing real-world fuel efficiency gains of up to 20% with XGIT marine coatings systems.


Boost your EEXI and reduce fuel consumption with our low-friction marine fuel efficiency coating XGIT-Fuel.

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Our marine coatings are free of harmful toxins and biocides, leading the industry with environmentally friendly solutons.


Real-world product performance and type approval of XGIT-Fuel is verified by Lloyd’s Register.

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