GIT has developed GrapheneCoat™, a disruptive marine coating that reduces biofouling on marine vessels.

GrapheneCoat™ is our anti-biofouling marine coating which utilizes graphene to create a formula that works to protect ship hulls from corrosion and biofouling, helping to increase fuel efficiencies and the longevity of boat hulls. By discouraging the growth of organisms, our innovative paints drastically improve the performance of a boat over its lifetime.

Commercial Benefits

  • Reduces biofouling
  • Reduces the number of steps in the coating application
  • Saves fuel and decreases friction between the hull and water
  • Lasts longer
  • Environmental friendly

Recreational Benefits

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Protects hull and propeller

  • Easy to apply

  • More cost effective

  • Avoid the use of metal based coatings

Long Lasting

A single treatment of our graphene-based marine coating effectively protects against marine growth for years.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike modern marine coatings that release toxic materials, our coatings are more friendly to the environment.

Materials Experts

With years of experience, our team has extensive expertise in advanced engineered materials.

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