Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT) is a leading material science firm that focuses on supplying the most environmentally friendly and most efficient underwater coatings technology in the marine market. 

We believe that the commercial value of graphene lies in the ability to transfer its intrinsic properties into other materials, thus creating higher value materials and products which possess specifically enhanced characteristics. As a disruptive technology, graphene has the potential to replace or enhance the performance of existing materials in a wide range of applications and sectors. GIT offers a range of high value products that  protect industry assets from biofouling, corrosion and mechanical damages.

Our Values

  • We live to solve real problems
  • Work-life balance is ever important
  • Learning by doing is encouraged
  • We don’t optimize for the short term
  • We are all builders
  • Our team goes the extra mile
  • 100% transparency is what we strive for
  • We have the best team, ever
  • We always do what’s right

Open Positions

We are looking for a qualified Lab Technical Specialist to undertake a variety of laboratory procedures of technical nature. You will be handling sensitive equipment to analyze samples or substances and conduct tests reporting findings to the laboratory manager.

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This position will administer and organize all types of projects, from simple activities to more complex plans. This role will report to the Chief Executive officer but will work with project managers and team members within the organization.

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The Underwater Radiated Noise (URN) and Green House Gas Reduction Program for Canada’s Inshore Fishing Craft is based on a Canadian innovation in marine coatings developed by the Halifax-based, company Graphite Innovation and Technologies (GIT) together with Lloyds Register (LR). Exploiting proprietary graphene technologies, this project aims to revolutionize the shipping industry, including priority vessel classes such as ferries, tugs, fishing and whale watching.

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